All our Tips are our own products, they are created by BET-EXPERT only. They are unique and independent.

Detect any copying and distribution can lead to failure to provide more user Tips.

Member can be anyone.

Each day is sent Tip for next day for members via email.

Each Tip has the minimum odds 1,6 and more.


Price List:   7 Tips - 30 Eur

                  14 Tips - 45 Eur 

                  21 Tips - 60 Eur

                  28 Tips - 75 Eur


Payment methods:





  Logo of Skrill                         bet-expert@hotmail.co.uk




If has any member negative balance, he will get the same number of Tips again free.

For example: You have paid 28 Tips and final balance is 15 KO Tips and 13 OK Tips, you will get another 28 Tips free.



Do not hesitate to contact us for more info or ordering Tips.